kettlebell HIIT workout

15 minutes to a fitter summer

Julia Ladewski

Most people spend the spring months getting fit for the summer, then feast and relax their way backwards as the months linger on. However, summertime is also filled with busyness – barbecues, vacations and baseball games. (Not to mention keeping your business and life afloat as well.) Keeping fit during these busy, hot months can be somewhat difficult.

Enter the 15 minute HIIT cardio.


When most people here the term “cardio”, they think of jogging, or biking, or spending an hour in a dark gym on an elliptical. Cardio simply means “heart.” There are several ways to tax the heart (aerobic, anaerobic, etc), and they each have their place in a fitness regimen. HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions are a great way to burn fat, improve glucose metabolism and overall conditioning. The nature of these sessions are designed to be short and intense – exactly what a busy person needs. Now you can stay fit, lean and conditioned for the summer all while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

HIIT WORKOUT #1– Jump Rope

45 seconds easy jumping/skipping
15 seconds as fast as you can

Repeat 10-15 times


Grab a medicine ball that is roughly 8-12 pounds. (The cloth ones work really well.) Complete the following sequence 8-10 times.

Chest pass, walk to the ball x6
Backwards overhead throw, sprint to the ball x3

HIIT WORKOUT #3– Kettlebell Fun

For this one, you might need two different size kettlebells.

Light KB, swing for 30 seconds
Rest 15 as you grab the other one
Heavy KB, swing fast and explosively for 15 seconds

Repeat 10-15 times
(If you only have one size kettlebell, replace the heavy swings with snatches.)

HIIT WORKOUT #4– Strongman

Take a page from the strongmen for this one. You’ll need a dragging sled, or even an old tire with a rope tied to it.

Walk forward with the sled straps in hand for 20-30 yards.
Turn around and walk backwards for 20-30 yards.
Drop the straps, run backwards for 20-30 yards, the sprint forward for 20-30 yards.

Repeat 6-8 times

HIIT WORKOUT #5- Jump and Jive

Squat Jump x10 seconds
Burpees x10 seconds
Walk x40 seconds

Repeat 10-15 times


When you try one of these, leave a comment and let me know how it went!

  • SteveMacCormack

    That is some awesome stuff Julia! I’ve been training for years and I used to love hitting the road for a 3 -4 mile run and I’d shred down to single digits fast…now “older”, 51, knees shot so I MUST do alternative cardio and these ideas are great! I love the tire pull, just picked up some TRX straps and I can attach those bad boys to a truck tire I have! I’m gonna shred it! many thanks!

    • julialadewski

      Steve, that’s awesome!! Always have to find a way! Keep me posted on your progress!

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